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Thread: Lake Creek Update, anyone?

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    Default Lake Creek Update, anyone?

    Haven't floated this one before. Planning to go in a week with 16' Self Bailer with myself and 3 others. Any recent trip updates? Water levels, fishing conditions etc. Thanks.

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    Water levels were low. Lots and lots of rock dodging, required nearly constant attention to avoid getting stuck. Never had to get out and drag the boat, but got hung up on individual rocks a fair amount. Floated Lake Creek for 6 days, and 2 days on Yentna. Stayed above Sunflower Creek on day one. Had enough time for two layover days where we didn't move downriver. Fishing was good, able to get a couple silvers and reds. Once we got to the Yentna, took about 8 hours of floating time to get to the Susitna.

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    Thanks for the trip report. Who did you use for drop-off/pick-up? Price?

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    We flew in with Legends Aviation out of Willow. $600/load for 206. Took 2 loads for gear and 4 adults. We floated to the Su so we could get a boat ride back to Deshka Landing. If you don't know anyone that can get you, there are a few options for landing craft that regularly run up the Yentna.


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