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    Some one help me!! The wife wants to go Halibut fishing this weekend but does not want to go to Seward. Someone please PM me a good spot for Halibut in the Sound!! I super dooper, pinkie promise, secret pledge, cross my heart hope to die I will not tell anyone. I don't need a secret honey hole just somewhere we have a good chance of hooking up with some Halibut. Coordinates would be great but a general location is fine.

    Help me score points with the wife.


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    What's your range? Seems like most folks I've talked to suggest the needles which are SW of Green Island as a consistant producer.

    Seems the main problem with buts in the sound isn't that they aren't there, but that the sound is deep, and most folks don't want to be fishing in 50+ fathoms.

    I hope to be prospecting some spots this weekend.

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    Default Range

    Montegue is too far. I'll take a look at Green Island to see how far it is.


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    Default Lone Island

    Try the North end of Lone Island on the West side about 1/4 mile off shore. You'll be fishing in about 350' of water. It's about a 30-35 mile trip one way out there from Whittier. Good Luck. Me and the wife always pulled up Butt from there when we lived up there.

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    I have been fishing the east side of Story and Peak island this summer with some sucess, although nothing big yet. I know some have done OK on Piget point too. Be ready to fish deep. 300-400 ft.
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