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    Default Free training supplies

    I have some dog training stuff free to whoever wants it. Mostly bumpers (dummies) to throw for water retrieving. I think some duck scent maybe as well, plus a couple books I used: Water Dog and The 10-minute retriever. Hate to throw it out. No longer have my dog and wonít be needing the least not for a long time.

    Iím in Wasilla (Meadow Lakes area)

    PM me if you want to come get it. Might round up a few other things too.

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    Did you get any takers? I could find someone driving through there with a young dog in the next couple weeks that would put it to use.

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    No takers yet. Just let me know. Several of the throwables look unused as well.

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    So I got 5 messages in the last 2 days.

    first guy was namea aaron, so heís got dibs. If I donít hear from him, Iíll go through the list in order.



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