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Thread: Fly Fishing Advice / Kisaralik

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    Default Fly Fishing Advice / Kisaralik

    Longtime fisherman but short time fly fisherman here. Actually, Iíve been hacking around with beads and fly rod on the Kenai for the last three seasons. I catch some fish but wouldnít say Iím good at it. Iíll be floating the Kisaralik the first week of September and have decided to go fly rod only. This is a big leap of faith for meóI want to catch fish! Anyone have advice on how to approach this new river, or maybe specific advice for trout in the Kisaralik?


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    Default Get this book....

    I got a book a while back that is a must have for anyone fishing in Alaska. Particularly anyone float fishing an Alaska river. The book is called "Fly Fisher's Guide to Alaska" by Scott Haugen (I think). It is available on if not this forum's store. It offers lots of great info on tons of rivers. Tells about the fishing, hazards, log jams, etc.. and logistics of the float trips. Great book.

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    watch out for the falls I hear they are very tricky. I'd bring a 7 wt and and 8wt bring 2 rods just in case... You won't need a spinning rod for sure, silvers are almost always willing to hit a fly, bring plenty of wogs.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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