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Thread: 15' Xl Saturn Kaboat for a float hunt?

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    Default 15' Xl Saturn Kaboat for a float hunt?

    We're finishing up planning a fly in moose hunt this fall in Alaska and the final detail is the raft rental. Right now its looking like a Pro-Pioneer will be about $1000 for a 13 day rental. We're only going to be floating about 10 miles total, 2 guys and gear. I had dismissed these things as an option until I found this site and saw what guys were doing with them with motors. The river is fairly rocky, would one of these hold up to dragging and rocks or is that getting beyond its capabilities?

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    I have a 15' Kaboat with the extra thick bottom. I think it would be fine dragging. However, for your situation (fly upstream and float down stream) there would be no reason to pick a Kaboat over the Pro-Pioneer (or Legend or Levitator or a half dozen round boats). The Kaboat is not going to have near enough payload for two. I figured it out one time and I figured I could take one (me) and a Moose (barely) with out much gear. Hope I get to find out some day


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