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Thread: W-40 Specialist Long Term Corrosion Protection

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    Default W-40 Specialist Long Term Corrosion Protection

    Anyone use it on their blued rifles for corrosion protection?

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    I've always avoided WD-40 on all firearms as it leaves a varnish-type film that is hard to remove. Repeated applications can really "build up" a thickness.
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    I haven't used it on firearms, but have been using it on garden tools and such since Rancid Crabtree posted this: It works well. It's not at all the same stuff as the original recipe WD40.
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    The military now uses "Anti-Corrosion Bags" for long term static storage. We use the same bags, for firearms, tools, ammo, optics, etc..

    There are a few companies offering these bags at silly low prices. "Blue Bags" is one company.

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    Keep a can on the ocean boat and routinely wipe down tools and guns while on the boat.
    I discovered it through Rancid Crabtrees science experiment too.

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