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Thread: 350 Mercruiser/Bayliner 1979 Ignition Questions

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    Default 350 Mercruiser/Bayliner 1979 Ignition Questions

    Hi folks. Out in the sound last Friday and the RPM's fell away so I idled down and stopped. Idles great after The Carb Shop rebuilt last fall. I was thinking coil or wires so I shut down to check everything out. I had a couple extra coils so I hurriedly removed it but in my haste I didn't notice which direction the leads were pointing. I have a Mallory electronic ignition and distributor and there's a ballast resistor next to the coil. Can someone remind me if the wires (or wire) off the ballast goes to the positive terminal on the coil? There were boats roaring past and I was nearly green down in the engine bay!
    After shutting down I never got her started again nd the plugs were not firing so we ran back with the kicker. I didn't have a multimeter or test light with me unfortunately. Thanks for y'all's help

    Mark M

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    this time of year carb ice can be a real issue. I had a trophy with a 350 that was horrible about carb ice. When it started loosing rpm just had to shut it down for a few minutes till the engine heat melted it out then you cold run again for awhile.


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