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Thread: Parks Highway this weekend

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    Post Parks Highway this weekend

    I'll be traveling from southeast to Wasilla this weekend and was hoping to do some fishing for both Rainbows and Grayling. I'll have a rental car and would like to check out some spots along the Parks Highway between Wasilla and Talkeetna. Any tips on where to go and what flies might work would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    You've got the area covered. Lots of streams between Wasilla and Talkeetna. Find one with clear water and tie on your favorite dry, nymph, fry/smolt, sculpin, mouse, washed out flesh, or muddler and have at it! If you aren't having luck, switch up your presentation or offering and maybe try another stream. I'll be out there, somewhere....
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    Was definitely slow on Saturday, finally got one late in the day. As Danner said, change it up or change presentations. I had seen a bow surface repeatedly just downstream of me and refused to take my offerings. Didn't really seem like it was going for bugs but could be wrong. Anyways I said screw it and changed to a fairly washed out flesh with a bit of red on the end and it smashed it on the second time through.

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    Could be tough this weekend, honestly. The water is way up over the last several days and dirty on top of that. What’s already been said is true from my experience - all those flies worked. I caught 7-8 bows and a couple nice grayling last Sunday on a float, almost all on flesh or flesh variations. Presentation was key as others were fishing the same spots with me and when we switched spots at a given hole, I was catching where they weren’t. Low and slow was key - and willingness to lose flies on snags!

    But since then the heat has the mountains running off pretty good and some rain has added to.

    With only a car and feet, I’d suggest Willow (or oneof its mouths) or maaaaaybe Montana. Montana is tougher to wade and moves fast. Be careful if you cross it. Both have campgrounds. Other streams won’t be easily accessed, except the Kashwitna at the Susitna Landing campground, but that river is super dirty and starting to be glaciated as of a couoke days ago. It’s probably toast now.

    Good luck.


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