It has been a long road in my quest for a .35 caliber lever gun with an exposed hammer and magazine tube. I have a mint Mod. 94 Win. Big Bore in .356 Win. coming along with dies, brass and bullets. I am looking for two loads, one is a hard cast bullet for practice with less recoil and less cost. I think the twist rate is 1-12.

The other is a 220 grain load like the Speer Flat Point or a Hawk bullet. I have read the 220 grain Speer and the .356 is a good big critter load if one does not shoot to far because the impact velocity may be to little for expansion, ya got me. If true then maybe I should look at a thinner jacketed Hawk bullet.

I'm thinking 200 yards max for moose and caribou and 100 yards for big bears, but I really don't plan on hunting big bears with the .356 Win. If the need came for a shooting up close then I think the chambering and that bullet should do the job, if I do mine.

I know some of you shoot lots of lead bullets and have experience I don't. If any one has a favorite heavy jacketed and lighter cast bullet load please share it and your favorite powder, primer, brass, etc. I don't need how much powder you put in the case, I can sort that out. But, if you know the velocity I would like to hear it.

If you have any experience with this rifle and chambering I am all ears. I have read a bunch on the .35 Remington and assume the .356 Win. is just another step up the ladder.