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Thread: Chinese Tarrifs and Raft Prices

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    Default Chinese Tarrifs and Raft Prices

    Just a heads up on Trump's decision on Chinese tariffs: I just got word that our inbound shipment and all future orders have a 25% tax to enter the US.

    So the heads up is to consider your boat purchases sooner than later this summer. Example: 25% of a $1600 raft cost = >$200 increase to customer. When we are forced to increase prices before June, I'd feel better that you had a chance to buy our current inventory at listed sale prices.

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    Thanks for the warning Larry.

    Wonder if the tariff will impact the price of red baseball caps....
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    Come on .....Just like farmers we outdoorsmen must bear the brunt of our Prez...and his deep thoughtful tariffs. I listened to Mr. Trump last night and he assured me that the Chinese will be paying those tariffs not the the US consumer!! You believe him, don't you?

    Atleaset Trump will be placing tariffs on all of our non allies like the Japanese and the EU. Taxes for ALLLLL!


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