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    Hey all

    I am just curious if anyone round here has done their comm (or any) checkrides with Richard (Dick) Ardaiz over at Aerotech, what he mainly focuses on, what he doesnt etc

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    Default I have

    I don't remember any surprises so it must have been pretty straight forward. I would show up with as much done as you can (with anyone on any checkride) such as weight and bal, flight plan if there is one and anything else you can do prior. Good Luck.

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    I just had a student get his commercial w/ Dick a few months ago. Not a difficult ride from a PTS standpoint, or from an examiner standpoint, but he was a stickler for accuracy on landings. In fact, know your PTS really well for the landings, because he turned ALL of them into accuracy landings.

    Good luck!

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    I worked for Dick over 20 years ago. Almost all my students took their rides from him and all said the same thing. He puts folks at ease, lets them "fix" errors just to see if they will. Basically, he wants to see you use common sense along with your flying ability to pass your ride. He may be a stickler for good, well planned landings but as a real life commercial pilot every landing should be made that way. I took most of my rides with him as well, and never had a problem. If there was something he didnt like, you might do it over. If he didnt like it but it was acceptable, you would likely discuss it in his office later on. That man has forgotten more than most of us will ever know.


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