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Thread: Tracks on an old 86 8X8 argo?

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    Default Tracks on an old 86 8X8 argo?

    Anyone know what tracks will fit this argo, if any? It has 22" tires, if that matters. The reason I ask is I see there are several sets for sale....need to find some info on how to properly inspect them.

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    It depends on the type of tracks. Argo has a standard track that fits over 22" runamucks, and I believe the supertracks will also work but you would need wheel spacers for tub clearance. There is a guy in wasilla that makes a good track for the low powered argos, his name is Jeff. He has some tracks on Craigslist and he knows his stuff. He also has some used tracks from time to time, you should give him a call he does like to share information either way.


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