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    Never been a Kimber fan but got a chance to buy a like new commander size Pro Raptor II for half of what they are selling for on the auction sights. So I bought the darned thing. I shot 50 rounds through it just now to make sure that it worked before visiting the ATM machine and it shot on the money without any hick-ups. I would have shot it more but my old back is killing me today so I quit at 50 but at least I know that it works!

    What in general are your opinions of the Kimber 1911s?

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    I have had one for about 15 years and have had no problems and love the thing. Shoots great and lots of fun. Enjoy your new toy!!

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    My Stainless Kimber Ultra Carry is my ankle gun most of the time. It shoots great, very accurate, never a problem. I know they are not , technically, "hand made", but the machining is spot on. Love the thing. I am enjoying my Ruger .357's though...

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    I have owned a lot of them.........I have never had any problem. There was talk of some general quality control issues about ten years ago. It seems that all firearms makers have that issue off and on. You never know if I it true or compete bad mouthing.. I currently run a 10MM "CAMP GUARD".

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    A real manly fighting pistol is what ya got buddy. If ya run out of ammo you can really beat on a bad guy with and old slab side 1911 !

    Take a look at Tulster holsters for IWB and a good custom leather one for outside belt carry, I favor Kramer Horse Hide. They look good when your doing the barbecue thing. Congats on a good fighting iron!

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    Kimber Stainless II, .45. Best shooting 1911 I have ever shot. I love it. I often carry it as my backup when archery hunting black bears.

    Hillary moved to NY and I moved out.


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