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Thread: about friggin time

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    Default about friggin time

    Kenai Dipnetting is going to 24/7 starting wed. Its about time. You should see the reason they give why. They now believe the kenai sockeye run will be more than two million, I wonder how they figured that out? Maybe because the comercial boats have already netted that much, and they still only have 300,00 up the river. I am normally very patient and reasonable about this stuff, ( check my posts ) but this really ticks me off. Only three hundred thousand up the river and over 2 million in comercialnets on a run that they believed might only be 2 million on the low end, what where they going to do if no more fish showed up? Truck them over from the kasilof? and to make matters worse its only now that there is only one week left to net, and they finally open it up to 24 hour dipnetting and sportfish limits of 6. Only after commercial nets get over 2 million

    Just for the record I used to commercial fish, and I have guided, so I look at things from both sides, but this was wrong!!!!

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    Default Where to commercial fish....

    My bet is that there is a large number of fish still on the way; although I see no posts on the OTF numbers from ADFG the last two days which makes me nervous. We are first-time dipnetters this weekend and have no idea what to expect. Last year the escapement was way overboard-so I suppose we should let this year play out first. I agree with your post, there is a HUGE business benefit to the Kenai community by dipnetters and other sportfishermen- seems that 24 hrs dipnetting should have started much earlier!

    My wife is from a third generation AK commercial fishing family out of Kodiak. I asked some of her com friends why commercial in-river fishing upriver does not happen (this may be a stupid question to those with more savy on the subject). They believe that the market value would be too low with in-river fish. this makes no sense to me-since most of the sockeye I eat taste great and are caught 70 miles up river in the Cooper landing area.

    Advantages of in-river fishing WITHOUT gill nets
    1. no bycatch of Silvers/reds/kingds destined for Anchorage creeks, Fish creek, the yetna, etc.

    2. Less risk to comm. fishermenm ( all my comm fishing friends have had injuries) and less fuel burned/expense by using fish wheels etc.

    Risks would include risk to rainbows and other species.

    So educate me-it seems like we could protect the sportfishing/dipnetting and not hurt the com guys (like last year) with such a late escapement. I expect to be humbled by this addition to the post-but would appreciate thoughts.

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    Default Last Night (Wed)

    Was epic. My buddy limited out in three hours (105 fish - has 7 kids) and I got my 25 in about 45 minutes. The fish were still coming in heavy and they will continue to do so. AKFISH : if you used to commercial fish then you know they don't toss EO's around lightly. There's a lot of science that goes behind their decisions and they ALWAYS err on the side of caution. I'm not a biologist, I'm not a state worker and I'm not even friends with any of those guys, but there comes a time when you have to put your faith in what other people do as their job and trust that they are going to make the right decisions. Cross the fence into trusting F&G, man; you won't regret it.
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