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Thread: weatherproof canister stove?

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    Default weatherproof canister stove?

    So I've been using a Giga stove for a few years, but during the last two trips I have found that the slightest bit of moisture will prevent it from igniting; even stoking the flame with matches or an alpine lighter (which also didn't perform well when moist) couldn't really get it going. Can anybody recommend another lightweight stove that works when wet? I don't want to switch back to a liquid stove. Been there, done that.

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    Default MSR Pocket Rocket

    I have used this stove for 4 years now and am very happy with it. I used an MSR Whisperlite International before this and the Whisperlite now sits and gathers dust. The Pocket Rocket works when damp/wet AND even in colder temperatures regardless of what many people say about iso-butane fuel. The stove when folded, fits in the palm of your hand. I caryy it in my kettle. I believe MSR now offers the stove kettle in a package deal. Hope this helps!


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