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Thread: Road Trip for Silvers

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    Smile Road Trip for Silvers

    Hey all I will be heading on a three day drive from Fairbanks to Juneau per way of the Ferry in Haines. My wife and I are going to see some relatives but have decided to take our time so we can see the sites along the way which for me means Fishing.

    I will be in Haines the afternoon of August 2nd and was wondering if there was somewhere anyone can suggest for catching silvers or any other kind of good fishing in that area. We won't have a boat and I won't be allowed much time to get a bite on so a hot spot would be good.

    Thanks for the help,
    Ben Johnson

    P.S. we will be overnighting in Beaver Creek Canada. Does anyone know about fishing in that area?

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    I can't remember if I've stopped by there specficly but a lot of those streams in that area have greyling.

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    Smile Chilkoot

    Check out the Chilkoot River just outside of town and a short distance past the ferry terminal.

    It gets a nice run of various salmon species and offers excellent wildlife viewing for bears and eagles.

    In early Auguest, the best prospects most likely will be for sockeye and pinks. I think the silvers come in quite a bit later.

    For the latest fishing report, go to:

    If you plan to stay over night in a tent or RV, there's a nice campground at Chilkoot Lake.

    Beautiful area and not many people. I'd love to go back some time, but hard to justify making the long haul from Anchorage.

    Good luck and have fun...

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    Thanks for the replys. Having never fished for Salmon in a river before what sort of tackle would you recommend. My dad (an achorage resident in 70s) says that Russian River Flies are good. Anybody have any other recommendations.

    Ben Johnson


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