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Thread: Fairbanks area

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    oh no...Ö..on usatoday.Fairbanks just listed as the worst city to live in the usa. 2nd highest murder rate in usa, super high on theft, poor high school graduation dates.
    Living here and fillowing the news I find it real hard to believe

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    Default Go to parenting, Worst cities. Starts at the last and works backwards to 1st, AKA Fairbanks.

    I could not get your link to work so try this. I see Anchorage made 6th.(?)

    Hillary moved to NY and I moved out.

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    We've lived in Fairbanks for 25 years, raised 6 kids here. BTW, all 6 kids graduated. We live in the hills outside town, have seen minus 55 in the winter (yes, in the hills) as well as high 90s in the summer. We lock the doors only because the wife (who works for the Department of Corrections and sees all the criminals) insists on it (and if Mamma ain't happy....). We've got a 210' deep well with the best water in Fairbanks. There are lots of good people here--and yes, some bad ones too (come to think of it, the absolute worst ones are the Subaru-driving Regressives from Commiefornia--did I say that out loud?). As far as fishing and hunting, think of it this way: in 7 hours one can be on the water in Valdez shrimping and fishing; in 4 hours, one can be on the Yukon fishing/hunting; in 12 hours, one can be on the north slope fishing and hunting caribou; bear hunting is available in less than an hour's drive or boat ride; bow hunting for moose is, well, available outside the front door. I caught my first King salmon years ago out of the Chena River on Fort Wainwright. As Greenmachine noted above, Fairbanks is basically a hub for anything you want to do recreationally. Most of the big box stores are here, there (so far) is no local sales tax, and most things you need are available locally. Quality medical care is available, Wainwright has a ski lodge, skating rink, gyms and indoor pools--frankly, there's not a lot about which to gripe. If you want trouble, you can find it if you look for it--there are bars and drugs available for those with a proclivity toward untoward activities--as in any other location. If you're good people, c'mon up!

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