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Thread: Reel Seat Off-Center

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    Default Reel Seat Off-Center

    I recently purchased a Lamiglass 10 weight fly rod (low-end series featuring a green blank with gold lettering).

    After mounting a reel on the rod, I noticed that the reel seat was canted at an angle rather than perfectly lined with with the guides.

    Troubled by this discovery, I figured that it was a manufacturing defect and returned to the store to exchange the rod.

    However, after inspecting the remaining supply of rods in this model, I was surprised to find that each was built in the same manner with the reel seated mounted an an angle and somewhat off-center.

    I checked out some other fly rods, including the Lamiglass G1000 series, and didn't notice the off-center engineering on any of those.

    Can anyone share some insight on this matter? I'm wondering whether these rods are a batch of factory seconds, which would explain the eye-catching sales price, or if the design is intentional. Never seen anything like this before, but maybe there's a good reason for it in the realm of fly fishing.

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    Default You get what you pay for

    I understand everyone has their limits on equipment. But you trully do get what you pay for. How off center is it. It is pretty difficult to get it perfectly centered. as long as the line runs through the guides freely, with out constant contact it will probably be OK. That being said don't pay too much attention to the guide.......they are probably misaligned. I wont even get into the spline of the rod. If a rod comes off the assembly line it will have a bunch of flaws just because there is limited QC. This is part of the reason I started to build my own rods. Well that and you can do some very cool stuff when you make your own. You just have to take the time to pick the best of whats there when your buying Rods off the shelf.


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