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Thread: Freight sled with suspension

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    Default Freight sled with suspension

    I am looking to build or buy a freight sled on two skis. I would like it to have a little suspension to help with getting things to our cabin. Iím trying to find something that wonít be so hard on hauling things in. Rough trail can do a number on delicate items and food. If you have any good pics of something you have or have seen, pass them along please. Thanks

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    Check with Adam Gabryszak @ 315 1772 out at Deshka Landing he builds freight sleds and just recently came out with a freight sled with two skis that will have a great ride . It is just a short version of the bigger sleds that are great.

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    Give Brian at BK Marine Service a call 232-6399. He makes an awesome freight sleds. He's in Palmer.
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    In use today in the deep stuff!
    Working on an aluminum version too.
    FB page has a quick vid of this sled in action rolling down the trail through some typical bumps.

    Also built a few full uhmw Siglin style recently too.


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    Thanks. Iíll have to get ahold of Adam and see what heís building these days. Iíve got a sled like the Deshka freighters and a UHMW sled. I want to get a sled now with possibly shocks or something that can handle the bumps. Iíve seen a few running around that look like they took some front A arms and built a sled on them. Thanks for all the input.

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    Is this what you are looking for? Found this listed on Craigslist right now.
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