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Thread: Chums in the Salcha or Chena?

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    Question Chums in the Salcha or Chena?

    Has anyone caught any yet? Seems they were thick this time last year. Would see groups of 10 or so go by every 5-10 minutes...... maybe it was just a magical day ????

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    Smile Chum caught on Saturday with a fly rod

    My buddy caught a chum on Saturday night with a fly rod above the counting station. He said they kept going around and around in the eddy in front of him and one finally hit his pink leach looking fly. I was actually on the phone with him when he caught the chum. Pretty funny to hear, "Take it--take it, Yes" and the next thing I heard was the phone hitting the rocks. He stopped by the house with the fish afterwords. Nice 5 pounder. Nice job John!
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