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Thread: Scandic 600 4stroke, wide track.

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    Default Scandic 600 4stroke, wide track.

    I bought this 2 years ago and until today only had 3 miles on it. Yep, 3 in two years because of the lack of snow where I cut firewood. It is quite the jump from a 2004 Scandic LT 440. Finally SNOW!!! So today I took it across the river to cut. Nice machine and way more powerful than my old Scandic. No speed tests, still in break in mode. But it did great, not as tippy as the old machine as this has a 20" track with 1 1/2" lugs. It pulled a full load easily. I could almost use a larger wood sled. Like it so far. I usually start cutting in March but have almost 3 cords cut so far.

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    Very nice. I would agree on the improvements the last 6 years or so on the scandics and the expeditions. I donít have the 600 ace, but Iíve heard good things about it.


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