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Thread: Swede Lake trails CLOSED

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    Default Swede Lake trails CLOSED

    Until further notice the Swede Lake trail system is closed to all but private land owners and the Army. BLM trail workers found a land mine on a trail last week and the Army was called in to detonate it. They are organizing and will go back in to sweep the area with more equipment to locate more if there are any. Hopefully this will be wrapped up before hunting season begins.

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    I tend to be a skeptic about some of this stuff in that area. I hunted all over those hills and drainages behind Swede Lake in the late 70s and early 80s with a Cushman Trackster. There was communication wire strung all over the hillsides, tin cans and bed frames abandoned everywhere. We always killed the moose we wanted and then along came the archaeological set aside for a huge area with no trespassing off the trail with any motorized vehicle. There are flints etc. on the ridge tops buried a few inches down that supposedly need protection. In all of those years of going to my moose camp it was extremely difficult to find any sign that I had been in there the previous year unlike the military. I felt then and I still do that the Greenies use these excuses to keep us off as much land as possible.


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