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    After a year of trying to figure out how to get basic-med done in Fairbanks I stumbled on a solution. I have not had regular DR as even though 70 I am on no meds, in great shape, have a physical once a year it is done by PA. None of the occupational medicine nor flight surgeons in Fairbanks will do it. In researching basic-med I found though it has to be done by DR not PA. it is up to the state not FAA to determine who a DR is. A correspondence from the Alaska Board of Chiropractors, the FAA and State of Alaska determined Chiropractors who are DR of Chiropractic are authorized. After much agony I got mine today from a very nice lady, Aimee Burgess, at Fairbanks Family Wellness. They are at 3550 Airport Way, 907-479-2331. I helped her with first one by down loading all information and fending in my completed paper work in advance and webb pages from FAA. She was more thorough than many class IIIs and I carried recent eye exam from eye DR. Hope this helps.

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    Nice to hear the somebody actually got this to work...
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    I can provide a name in Anchorage where I got my BasicMed last year: easy as could be with the only caveat being that it was my regular physician. He made sure I had listed my occasional high BP on the list of issues and that my age was correct (not sure why that was an area of focus) and then signed off on the form. Don't want to say it was a rubber stamp, but it was pretty straightforward.
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