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How much weight do you lose during hunting season? I lost 15lbs this last season. My hunting season runs Aug-Nov. However I lost 10lbs alone on a 15 day Kodiak hunt. I think I went into rut.........hehehe. Walk a lot, hunt driven, less eating. What's everybody else losing ....or gaining (camp cooks)?
I try and do a lot of hiking/climbing/training starting in the spring through the Aug. hunting season start up, and I generally loose whatever wt. Iíve gained over the holidays. That said, I usually still drop a few lbs. when Iím doing mountain hunts. I think itís mainly because Iím burning a lot more calories/day and not really consuming very many calories. As far as the whole rut idea, my wife has accused me of being in rut for the last 20 years.

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