I just acquired a used RCBS single stage press, and I am using a small health wellness bonus to buy this additional gear for reloading:

Hornady Digital scale

Lee Ultimate 4 die set, in both 308 and 243

Case Lube

Reloading block to hold ammo while reloading

165 grain 308 bullets

100 grain 243 bullets

manual calipers

Hornady reloading manual No. 8

What else do I need? I'm sure a brass cleaner would be nice, but is it required? Also I know a case trimmer will be needed eventually, but I plan on just neck sizing my brass, so I shouldn't need it really. Right?

Also, how do you decide what powder to try with your ammo? I was looking online at hornady load info, and it seems 10 different powders can work with any bullet weight, where do you start? Mainly looking to improve accuracy of my rifles with the handloading.

Thanks in advance.