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Thread: Taking my boy out and we are newbies

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    Smile Taking my boy out and we are newbies

    My son and I only started hunting when we moved to Alaska a few years ago and really just big game. But I'm doing my holiday swap this next 2 weeks and I really would like to take him out and hopefully have a little success.
    Between his football training and wrestling we don't have a lot of open time. He really would like to take a rabbit, well really anything to be honest. We just moved to Palmer and have .22s and 20 gauges for use.
    So, if anyone would be kind enough to suggest some day trip areas to take him, I would really appreciate it. PM me if you want to share some sweet spots.


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    Welcome to Alaska Akreaper. Rabbits can be taken all winter long. However, they can be challenging in the winter sometimes. Any place where you can find access to the Knik and Matanuska Rivers you should be able to find some rabbits. You can also find them in other places around the valley such as Hatcher's Pass, the Glenn Highway past Sutton all the way out to Glennallen, Big Lake area, and Point Mackenzie to name a few. It helps if you have a dog. That being said, when there is deep snow, it is more challenging for the dog and the hunters. When the snow hardens up and the dog can run on top of the snow more towards February and March the hunting becomes a little better. I have a beagle and she used to be able to find rabbits just about everywhere I went that had rabbit tracks. Now, she's getting a little older and she still does fairly well but she's definitely slowing down some. If you don't have a dog, travel really slow and stop often. Spend a minute or two looking around very carefully in the thick brush. Look for the black beady eyes and the outline of a rabbit. The best places will always have some willows and sometimes alder. They love to eat the willows and the alders are good for cover. They can live without the alder, but you need to have some willows to support the population of rabbits.

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    You might try up towards Sheep Mountain. Tons of tracks up there. Snow shoes might help. Take the ice fishing gear and if the rabbits aren't out try Long Lake at 86 mile.

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