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Thread: Pike through the ice

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    Default Pike through the ice

    Just wondering what anyone is using. Anyone like to share their go to lure for them?

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    My go to setup is a homemade quick-strike rig on a tip up or a rod.
    These are made using coated wire and number 6 or number 8 treble hooks.
    I put a swivel on the top a hook in the middle and a hook on the end.
    When I set my tip up I slide a 1/8 oz egg sinker on the line and then tye on a duo lock snap.
    This way I can keep several riggs pre baited and ready to go.
    When a fish is caught it is simply unhooked from the duo lock snap a new baited quick-strike is added and it's dropped back down the hole.
    Then I can take my time using a jaw spreader and forceps to remove the quick strike.
    My favorite bait is hooligan Frozen or salted.
    Salted is nice because you don't have to thaw them before using but with the egg sinker it will drop even a frozen bait.
    If you don't have hooligan herring will also work.
    Some of the ones I intend to use on a jigging rod I will add blades or beads or other things to them so that as I jig there's more color and motion involved.
    For jigs one of my favorites was the airplane jig and a good ol red/white Daredevil.
    But anymore I make all of my own jigs as well.
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    The only lure Iíve ever used for hardwater pike is a gold and orange big vibrax with strong braid and swivel. Itís always worked no matter what the depth. I am not really into tip ups just jigging.

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    anything you put in the water!

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    Back in NY we could use 6 tip-ups each. So we drilled a pattern of holes like a big wagon wheel maybe 150' in diameter. We sat at the hub fishing 4 holes. Minnows were always used and sometimes it got pretty hectic running all the lines. If the minnows are dead, as someone else said, a small spinner up above a bit helps provide some flash. We always waited until the run stopped and as soon as the line started again the fight was on.

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    Red/white or green/chartreuse airplane jig tipped with prawn tail.
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