Here's a new book for the Outdoors Alaska Store that will be of interest to dog mushers, new and experienced alike:

Alaska Dog Mushing Guide gives an overall picture of Alaskan dog mushing; past and present. Legends, facts, intriguing stories about mushing along Alaska's snowy trails are found in this book. Alaska's official sport. Sled dogs were first used several thousand years ago. In Alaska the Eskimo used the dog, usually wolf breed, for hauling supplies and meat from camp to camp as a means of survival. The sled dog has contributed greatly to the history of the north and particularly in Alaska. The advent of sled dogs from the Eskimo era to Gold Rush to advanced trained racing teams has kept the dog mushing tradition alive in the Last Frontier.

Table of Contents
Trapping, Freighting, Freighters
Old Trails, Old Mushers, Fast Dogs
Dog Teams Afloat in the Bering Sea - Survive!
Feeding and Care of Iditarod Dogs
The Team
The Iditarod Trail South
Club Races & Associations
Mushing Equipment & Sled Builders
Alaska Based Feed Companies
Sled Dog Races Across Alaska
Mushers Hall of Fame
Publications, Sources, Interviews