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Thread: Alaska Prospecting books

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    Default Alaska Prospecting books

    Alaska has produced a lot of gold over the years, but it continues to be found in little quantities and large.

    We have recently added some publications in the Outdoors Alaska Store specifically for the Alaska gold prospector. I cracked open Alaska Nugget Detecting and immediately got sucked in. Here I am about 30 minutes later, thinking "this could be a fun way to see some country up close and find some gold...."

    Alaska Gold Prospectors Guide When the first trace of gold was discovered in Alaska in 1862 who would have thought that Alaska's rich gravels would yield over thirty million ounces. Alaska does not produce nearly as much gold as it used to, but then again there aren't 10,000 gold hungry prospectors out roaming the hills either. About 5% of the gold has been found in Alaska, and the surface has only been scratched. Searching for precious metals has been around this world for thousands of years. Alaska's creeks have averaged about 230 thousand ounces per season in the past few years. A big percentage of the gold is taken out by industrial mining methods while a smaller percentage is mined by small-time prospectors and recreation miners. Alaska Gold Prospectors Guide covers a lot of mining ground statewide. By first hand examples and experiences this book brings to you some unique techniques, facts, legends, and a lot of how-to type knowledge for the prospective prospector. The gold mining industry is very much alive in Alaska and there's a certain group of adventurists who keep the mining tradition alive searching for elusive gold.

    Alaska Nugget Detecting Find gold nuggets with metal detectors. A lot of gold nuggets are being found in the north by metal detector. This book explains the how & where about nugget detecting. Look out for hot rocks! They're all over the place in the north and can hinder one from finding precious gold. Alaska Nugget Detecting has it all. Nuggets as large as 89 ounces have been found by metal detector. When detecting gold nuggets in Alaska, always do your research ahead of time. Make sure you will be detecting in an area where nuggets have been found. Never waste your time in areas where the gold is fine.....that is unless you don't car about finding nuggets.

    Where to Prospect for Gold Without Getting Shot! There's nothing more beautiful when panning, sluicing or dredging to see that yellow streak or bright gold nugget sticking out like a sore thumb. There's nothing more frustrating to those who want to search for gold, but can't because mining ground is either staked up, or someone lives on the property. So where does one go in search of gold, and without risking life or limb? Believe it or not, there are some good paying propositions out there, and you can look for gold without getting shot at. Where to Prospect for Gold in Alaska Without Getting Shot, is a comprehensive guide on where recreational gold prospectors can look for gold around Alaska with no hassle.


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    those area all good books Ron Wendt knows the history of Alaska more than probab ly anyone in the state when it comes to prospecting almost every article he writes is outstanding and the ones that are not outstanding are very good.

    Alot of his articles are posted almost monthly in the ICMJ mining journal.

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    I concur, Ron Wendt is a hell of a nice guy and very knowledgable.

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    Default PWS Gold Mines

    I have glanced thru a few if not all looking for storys on the old mines in the Prince Williams Sound, would love to figure out or ask Ron or any body where info is on them. The mines are before statehood and the fed records are slim. Sure was some huge mines out there!

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    Talking re pws mines

    My Uncle has been a geologist in Alaska for a MANY years. He was one of the first graduates of UAF's pebble-pimp program, that was before he went to the Colorado School of Mines...He and a friend wrote a book, can't remember the name of it though (give me a break, it was published when the "Book Cache" was the bookstore of choice and there was no such thing as $5 coffee). You might try the "Title Wave" in ANC, a library or possibly an on-line bookstore. Authored by "A. Tom Tunley and Mark Markanthony" (possibly sans the "A"...might have also spelled Mark's last name incorrectly...) I need to ask my folks if they have the book still... I've been getting geared-up to do a little prospecting of myown out of Bethel...way out of Bethel...

    PM me and i'll try to get back to you with the title...


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