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Thread: Gel Ice packs (diaper ice)

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    Wink Gel Ice packs (diaper ice)

    This year I made gel ice packs by buying a package of diapers, soaking them then vacuum packing them. I have a vacuum chamber packer so I can seal the bags while they're still wet. They worked great. $8.00 for 25 diapers each about 16" long. Reusable too.

    If you use a Foodsaver freeze them first them vacuum pack. I kept them all in a cooler with dry ice which kept them frozen hard for 2 days til I used them. I did replace the dry ice daily though.

    They worked great. Layer of fish, layer of diaper ice, layer of fish......
    Keeps the moisture to a minimum in the coolers.

    Anyone ever bought ice from the commercial guys near the public boat launch? I've thought about that but never done it.

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    Yeah, I have bought Ice from the commercial guys, $5 for a 5gal bucket of ice, they also had fish cleaning stations to use for $15

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    Dad and I used to go to Portage and pick up the glacier ice from the lake; it takes days on end for that stuff to melt.
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