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    Iím working out of town and trapping there as well, only home once a week and thatís when I plan on skimming and stretching furs etc. itís been about 20ídegrees this week, got a lynx night before last, been sitting in the truck and I wonít be able to skim him until tomorrow night. Is it cold enough that Iím okay to do that or am I in trouble?

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    If it were me Iíd just try to get the hide off right away. Leave feet whole and deal with them later. Shouldnít take but 20-30 minutes . Otherwise spread him out so he cools as much as possible. May get a bit of GB depending on what and when he ate last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonanza View Post
    May get a bit of GB depending on what and when he ate last.
    Food in the stomach is really bad for green belly. While 20 degrees (is that still the temp?) is cold it may not be cold enough to totally stop decay. If the lynx died quickly, like in a snare, it may still have food in the stomach. If it spent a while in a foot trap and you dispatched it, then there is likely not much food there. However, lynx are one of the more green belly prone furbearers in my experience. Getting them good anf frozen, or skinning them soon are the preferred measures to prevent hair loss.
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    Cats are fast to rough skin. Leave the head and feet in to save you time. Let the hide freeze, but protect the unfurred skin from freeze drying. If you do get dry spots they can be rehydrated with wet rags. If you absolutely canít get to skinning hang cats, coyotes, wolves, etc from their back feet to get the stomach up into the chest cavity to help slow green belly.


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