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    Actually, soft sides. I had this done this summer. Do most people take them off for the winter or leave them on? PICT0011.jpg

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    I'd take them off for the winter, by the way that boat looks great !!

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    It would depend on the type of storage , If you have covered storage cover with a tarp and leave them on they will last longer as when they are off you will fold them up and then they sit all winter with a crease that will act different than if it was stretched on the boat.

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    I'd leave them on if the boat is stored inside for the winter. If your boat is stored outside, I'd pull them and tarp the boat. Basically, I agree with what Big Bend had to say, been there, done that.
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    If you do remove them, lay a bath towel on them and roll them up individually. No creases and the towel keeps it clean and protected.
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    Thanks for the help, guys. She's a outdoor trailer queen so I took them off and since I have 2 big beach towels but no beach, I employed BK's suggestion. Slick!


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