Friday while at work I had to go to a plumbing supply store here in Kenai. Of all places, I happened to notice a digital fish scale there hanging on the wall. When I asked about it the guy grabbed it and handed it to me. This little thing is really cool, and what I was supprised to see was that it weighs from 1/10 of a pound all the way up to 88! I've wanted a small digital scale for awhile but from what I remembered I couldn't find one that weighed much over 10-15 pounds. When I found out it was only $15. I had to buy it:

I realize you guys probably already have some pretty cool scales of your own, but I just thought I'd share this cool little gizmo that I found.
PS...the other thing pretty neat about it is that if you want to weigh something in a container, you can hang the container on it, zero it out again, and then place whatever it is you've got inside the container to weigh that.