Sold my 300 WSM all you need for your rifle.

300 WSM Brass , RCBS FL Dies, Redding Body Die, Lee Collet Die all for Winchester 300 WSM.

Brass for 300 WSM is very hard to find now, and when found is over $1 a piece new plus shipping.

New WW 300 WSM brass 76 each

All used brass is cleaned and deprimed.

Used WW 300 WSM brass 95 Each
Used FC brand 300 WSM brass 37 Each
Nosler 300 WSM Brass 31 each
Barnes 300 WSM Brass 16 each
Total of 258 plus 300 WSM brass

About 17 rounds of Factory Ammo
plus well marked reloads sold for components only. about 35

Want to sell altogether only.