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Thread: Looking for a mentor

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    I picked things up better if i flew every other day. But, I am old and things just take a bit longer to sink in. Very hard to get the weather to fly 14 straight days up here.

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    Just in case you didn't realize, Jake, the op of this thread just lost his wife. Of course I can't speak for him, but with 6 kids now to take care of on his own, I doubt very much the he's thinking of learning to fly anytime soon......unfortunately.
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    I feel for him, canít imagine how hard it must be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyman View Post
    If you are still thinking about it there is a school in Palmer that gets pilots done it 14 days! You fly three times a day everyday. Flying that much really makes a better pilot.

    They are Fly Around Alaska
    I'm not too sure about this approach. I logged 24 hours of training in 2 weeks flying twice per day. Then when i got on a less rigorous schedule i had to relearn most of that first 24 hours. It didn't work for me. It was fun but i didn't absorb near what i hoped i would.

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