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Thread: winter raft storage

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    Default winter raft storage

    So I stumbled on an auction find last night. Got a 16' Sotar Alaskan series raft with complete rowing frame/oars setup on an excellently maintained boat for $550. Problem is it is getting cold, and the only readily available place I have to store it is outside in a shed. Is this OK in places that get down to -40 as long as it isn't handled at those temperatures? I used to have an AIRE raft, and I always managed to keep that one stored warm, but housing has changed since then, and I no longer have the spare room inside. Thoughts? I suppose I could sell a few things and find a spot in my garage to cram it into...just with snow melting in there all winter, didn't seem the best environment.

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    yep, cold storage and rolled clean and dry if perfectly fine.

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    The Russians that built our Solar Inflatable boats said the same thing deflate it and store it, according to them a inflated boat stored outside condensation that forms inside raft in the cold, then ice can abrade raft from the inside. Make sure there are no live squirrel,s around!!!!

    And Larry very impressed with the Solar Jet boats. Kurt

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    Cold storage....

    This is a problem for all of us who raft. I have 22 rafts/canoes and only a Connex for storage so we have the same issue. The best way to store cold is deflated and flat not rolled but that is not always a possibility. Just as Larry said, deflated, dry and leave it alone!! Don't touch it and don't move it and you will be good to go!

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    KK, sweet. I'm looking forward to your adventure debrief this spring!

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    Why wait ?

    Look at the videos and pics !

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    Google it you may get some details regarding your concern


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