We have added many new books and DVDs this month, all related to the Alaska Outdoors. I want to highlight just a couple that you may find helpful.

The Alaska Roadside Angler's Guide by Gunnar Pedersen is the culmination of decades of experience fishing the numerous rivers, streams, lakes and bays accessible by the state's roads and highways. In addition to the personal observations of the creators, state and federal agencies - as well as sport fishing guides have contributed vital pieces of information in seeing the book become what it is today. This book is the most comprehensive publication covering the best angling "hot spots" on the road system.

The Alaska Roadside Angler's Guide
also includes ad information placed by local businesses, a first for a book of its kind. All of the advertising is area, location, and species directed and anglers are advised to use the various guides, lodges, sporting good shops and others presented as much as possible. They are companies that have solid reputations in their area of expertise and are in this book by invitation.

The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook author Ann Chandonnet gathers recipes for almost 100 species of Northern sea life - freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and shellfish - with a special nod to the salmon and halibut that have made Alaskan fish prize in homes and on restaurant menus around the world. The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook pays tribute to one of Alaska's great resources and brings the state's proud past to the table. This collection includes traditional and contemporary recipes, such as Alaska Salmon with King Crab Ravioli and Fruit Salsa., Gravlax with Sweet Mustard Sauce, Flounder with Apricots and Green Pepper, and Marinated Mussels with Lovage.

Good fishing (and eating!) to you this month!