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    I posted a thread in this forum this morning that was deleted. The forum doesnt list a link to address issues with a moderator. I would love to get a pm to discuss this matter. I love the forum and have received and given lots of good info over the last several years. I just need clarification on my post regarding a hunting/fishing lodge I was commenting on.
    Thank you

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    Default Forum Rules

    I did per forum rules:

    "We do not permit negative comments about individuals, businesses or organizations. If a question is posted about a business, it is best to respond privately. The issue is one of liability for us. These forums are a public service, and we are unwilling to deal with the potential for litigation that could destroy our business. The easiest answer for us is "no negative comments." If you have had a bad experience, simply indicate that you have had experience with the company in question and invite people to contact you privately."

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    Default Thank you

    Next time, if there is one, I will deal with it on a "pm" basis. The last thing I wanted to do was cause a riff with this forum. Thank you.


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