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    I am going to purchase a cold weather bowhunting outfit. I am tired of bulky bibs and heavy coats. I know wool is great but my hunting buddy said when he wore his wool he was winded by deer even though he went to great lengths to stay scent free. What about Artic shield and some of the other high tech clothing? I plan on spending around $250-$400. I need something that is extremely quiet, warm and stops the wind when the mercury dips to about 20 degrees.
    Adam Howard

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    I have a windshear, fleece hooded parka from Cabela's. It is the warmest, thing that I have ever used. It is a little oversized, which it should be for a bow garment. Ample hand warming pockets in the front. I would only buy something that I have tried on and tried to go thru the motion of drawing a bow. Too often the sleeves are too tight and drawing the bow is problematic. I also have a vest that I made back when I had a sewing machine. Yes, I had my own. It also is fleece, extra long in the rear to cover the butt crack area, has large arm holes, one layer of insulation in front and three in the rear. It also has two pockets sewn into the inside of the back near where the kidneys that are to hold Hot Hands chemical heaters.

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    Can you tell me how can I get a perfect dress in which place? It's very helpful for me.
    Adam Howard


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