Long story short, I was stationed in Anchorage while I was in the Army, met my wife who works (still to this day) for the Alaska club and as soon as my obligations is up, plan on moving back to fly for Alaskan airlines. With all that said, I do come up there to maintain residency and check on the home we bought and was looking to tie it in with a hunting trip next year

I've been spitballing some ideas with one of my former coworkers who lives in Fairbanks and it seems like the two things we have settled on is either him working on his seaplane rating or getting rated in a SEL (single-engine-land) plane like a piper and ferrying our large group (7 people total) out of Fairbanks to do a drop-camp style hunt with us basically splitting the cost of the rental rate of the aircraft.

Or as a back up, we were looking at some of the airboat charters that take you up a river and you float down it for 10 days and meet up with them again somewhere.

For the Fairbanks plan we were looking at drawing a 2 hour flight time radius around the airport and looking for a place to go from there.

For the airboat idea we were looking at the Maclaren River off the Denali hwy bridge down the Susitna down to log creek.

I guess my overall questions is, do these plans seem pretty standard, or without asking you guys your trade secrets or for your honey-hole spots, should we do some more planning as far as our locations for hunting go. This will be primarily for Moose, Caribou if up north by Fairbanks, and for Brown/Black Bear for myself.