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Thread: Al Can just done after Labor Day, was on wrong forum

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    Talking Al Can just done after Labor Day, was on wrong forum

    Left last Tuesday from Palmer to Olympia, Washington while pulling my 34' Carriage Cameo 5th wheel. Without exception, the worse road conditions were on the Tok Cutoff, but it has been worse in the past, so it wasn't too bad. The fires and smoke through British Columbia has pretty much died down. Through the Yukon there doesn't appear to be any place to just free dry camp as everyone wants money for that. Through BC you have both free spots and pay. Everywhere in Canada there are turnouts all over and they all have garbage cans which in turn seems to help prevent litter, Way To Go Canada, you have beautiful lands that are mostly unspoiled by garbage! Last, always remember for about 5-10 miles on each side of Liard Hot Springs there are a ton of Bison ON THE ROAD...almost thought I was going to wear a few, but new brakes and rotors saved us :-)

    We will be returning at the end of the month and I hope to go a little slower as I have no pressing time issues :-)
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    Yeah the cutoff is super gnarly this year....just another symptom of how broke this state is I guess!
    ....I did a run pulling a camper on I-5 this summer too, PDX to B-Ham on a tuesday afternoon....never freakin again is all I can say....have a great trip!
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    There used to be trash cans at many of the pull-outs. Usually sometime around Labor Day they remove most of them and get ready to plow those areas. Also as travelers decrease, bear activity increases in those areas. I have seen them getting snow almost by this time a few years back. Usually Canadians are pretty good along the Alcan. They have more in common with Alaskans. If you really want to shake you head, go anywhere near Calgary or East.

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