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Thread: Technique for dipping

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    Default Technique for dipping

    Went out Saturday and dipped from about 8 am until 4 pm. Ended up with 15 reds, all monsters. It did not start to pick up until about 11:30, when tide was going out. I would get out there, catch a fish within a minute or two, then have to haul it all the back, through the mud. I think I'll be getting a kenai keeper for the next trip so I can put 10 on at a time or so before going back to shore.

    But I met a lady at the cleaning station at my camp on Saturday. Her and her husband started around 11 and caught 65 that day. Unbelievable. She said they started near the mouth and got in the line that does "the walk." They just nailed 'em. Can anybody enlighten me on this "walk" and how it is better than standing out in one spot? It is obviously better because they got WAY more fish than I, but how does it work that makes it so good and what should I be doing? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Kenai Shuffle

    It's called a number of things, but I've always heard it refered to as the Kenai Shuffle...

    You walk in an oval, as the tide is falling you walk in the water for a ways and bag your fish (I recommend getting out at the end of the walk with as many fish as you can scoop) and then walk back up river and get in again to do another sweep. If you don't like the walking involved with getting in and out with each fish, then you are well advised on using a Kenai Keeper. Find another spot where you see activity and try to fit in. It's also a good idea to keep attention to your net and make sure it hasn't fallen over or is double bagged by somone else (by that I mean you need to stagger yours from your fellow dippers on each side of you). A good idea is also bring a bonker with you and tie it to your waders so that you can "Pursuade" you catch into holding still long enough to be strung up and gilled.
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