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    Not about baiting or stands, but I figure if anyone, you guys would know. I've observed brown bears attempting to navigate trees on 2 occasions...they didn't get far and it was clumsy at best. Maybe my observations were an exception to common behavior. The one in the video fairly charges up the tree after the the black bear. My suggestion was that it may have been a color mutated black bear. When I lived in N.E. Oregon I spent a lot of time in a drainage where a black, black bear was a rarity...they were cinnamon colored and some were really quite blond. Any way, please take a look and share your opinions.

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    No video in that link, just mr naughty elf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyouktug View Post
    No video in that link, just mr naughty elf.
    Oh geez..I'll work on it. Thank you for the heads up.

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