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Thread: Hard to fuel my Wooldridge

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    I am curious also, I have a 20' sport jet and have to jack the trailer up and fuel with cans slowly
    . when I go to the pumps it only takes about a gallon or two before shutting off

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    I pulled the fuel cell on my 20' Sport IB and welded a 3/4" thread-O-let on the top/front. Ran vent line back along the cell and tied in to the rear vent. Plumbed it so the vent lines self draining.
    It gobbles up the fuel while filling no matter where, and I only get some splash back when its pretty much full.
    Ideally, I would have used a larger NPT thread-O-let, but 3/4" was all there was in town. A larger ID vet line would be better, but, this works, so......
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    AKaviator looking forward to your call or message.

    One answer does not fit every year or model.

    A few years ago the EPA mandated changes, they now require expansion room so expanding fuel will not run out the vent. Fuel in the ground at the station is approximately 55*, if you top off your tank with 55* fuel and it is a hot day or you put it in a boat in a heated garage the fuel in the tank has no room to expand when the fuel warms up(The EPA figures about 7%). Now tanks are engineered with 7 to 10 percent additional room. A tank that measures 100 gallons would have vents that click the pump at about 92 gallons. The brochure would say it has a 92-gallon tank.

    Before the new regulations and hardware, some of the problems were usually from the boat not being level. If the fill was in the rear and the bow was high the fuel would cover the fill inlet before the tank was full and try to compress the air that is now trapped in the tank, which may cause it to spit back. Accordantly if the fill was in the front and bow is low, same problem.
    This is an example and does not cover every situation. With that said anyone that has a question I would be glad to talk with you if you call. If I am not available when you call, please leave your name, number, and best time to call you.

    Thank you,
    Glen Wooldridge

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