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Thread: Cub or 185 to hunt the 40 mile Caribou?

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    Default Cub or 185 to hunt the 40 mile Caribou?

    Given a choice what would you fly to hunt the 40 mile herd? One gives the comfort of home the other more landing spots. I've discussed this with some friends and they seem split, the older guys of course are leaning towards the 185,lol.

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    Are you going alone? Do you know the area well? If you know the strip you are going to hunt bring the 185. If you are going to be looking around I would take the cub. Last year we took a cub, 180 and 185 North of Iliamna. All the strips with caribou near them had camps on them already. We found a nice hilltop and I landed with the cub to make sure it was good and the Cessna's followed. If you have a belly pod and no passenger a cub can haul two Caribou and a big camp with out much problem. The 185 will do the job in almost 1/2 the time. But not always the best plane to check out new places with.


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