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Thread: first bow kill...

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    Default first bow kill...

    Well, I got my second bear of the season this weekend, a nice big headed boar with a great hide. The Hoyt did the job with the Bemon carbon arrow and Magnus stinger broadhead.
    I couldnt believe the efficiency of that blade!! After twenty seconds the bear was done, he lived for a shorter time than the bear I had gun shot earlier in the season.
    Broadheads are lethal.
    I feel like a real bowhunter now! >>> ------------- >
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    Thumbs up Nice Bear!!!!

    Good shootin Frank and nice bear!!! Thats a great way to end the season.

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    Default Nice job!

    Congratulations. Nice bear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullkurl
    I feel like a real bowhunter now!
    You were a real bowhunter when you made the commitment.

    The harvest is a testament to the commitment.

    Nicely done!

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    Thumbs up Bowhunter

    Now go bag you a sheep with that bow Frank!! Good job buddy!


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