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    Default Valdez

    Hey guys, just looking for a Valdez update. How's the weather and fishing? I'm looking to bring some family down this next weekend and don't want to hit a bum weekend for fish or weather, but especially fish. Thanks.


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    Default Rain

    Rain and fog right now. This past weekend seemed like fall as we spent 2 days out there fishing and camping. Did excellent on rockfish. Slow on halibut. Silvers are starting to show up, Galena and out.

    Oil spill in Gravina so might be crowded and or access restricted out that way.

    Did spend the night in a little bay and watched black bears all evening jumping into the ocean to retrieve pinks. Had 4 bears at one time visiable. Really neat. Saw humpbacks, seals, small wales, porpoises, sea lionsand lot of other critters.

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