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Thread: repairing boat

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    Default repairing boat

    took out my grumman this weekend and found thats a small bit of water comes in at the stern rivets. was on water for about 4 hours andi would say 1 quart of water was in boat maybe a little less.
    anyone know how to fix the water seeps along rivets on the back.

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    Default repair

    there are a lot of stuff out there, are you rivets solid? if so a thin coating of RTV sealent will do a lot, not gobs an it will wear so you do it once a year or week, a thin coating in side an out, an yes it will come off in time so replace it as needed a thin coat will go just as far as a heave coat there is very little presser there. SID

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    Reset your rivets that are leaking. The stress that is making them leak is now on the next rivets and soon they will leak. Putting a bandage on the leak does not solve the problem.

    I can teach you how to set and buck rivets PM me.


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    sounds like you bought a lemon!!!! quit being lazy and walk the five miles in, or better yet hunt with bow and leave you piece of @#%$ canoe at home!!!!


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