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Thread: eye on the condor!

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    Arrow eye on the condor!

    Or maybe better put...get the lead out. Saw a tv clip on condors dying/and or suffering from lead poison. The guessed it...hunters using lead shot and lead (one form or another) bullets. The condors eat all the dead things that are laden with lead bullets (or pellets) and are getting lead poisoning, leading to death, or at the least, very expensive (millions) blood transfusions (really). They even suggested having a law to make hunters bury the intestines (really) of killed animals...must be where all the careless hunters (the one's that played hooky during the "shot placement" classes. are hitting (gut shooting). The next push was going to be lead free bullets (I wonder where Barnes is on this issue?). Does this smack of the birds of prey issues that eventually "lead" to non-toxic shot? It's coming down the tube. Ciao.
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    I seen that clip also. Gotta love california they will do whatever it takes to ban all firearms, anyway they can.


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