Hi everyone!!! My name is Sam.
My wife Michelle and I are getting ready to make our first trip to Alaska. We fly in to Anchorage on the August 23rd and the back to Texas on September 1st. We have an RV rented for our entire stay. I won't do a cruise or a planned vacation because I don't want to live by someone else's itinerary. Our first stop will be in Palmer for the Alaska State Fair, I have a guide hired for the next day near Palmer for an afternoon Silver trip. From there the next week is open. I know when we get done fishing we plan to check out stops along the Glen highway for site seeing and hopefully some fly fishing. After a day or two we will head back thru Anchorage towards Seward and Homer.
We are both avid fishermen (wife fisherwoman) seems everywhere we go the rods are along and usually so is my boat. This trip I can't bring the boat so plan to spend a lot of time wading rivers and streams and hiring guides to show us the ropes. When along the coast I am hoping to find a reasonable Halibut trip not for the giant ones but maybe a few "chickens"?
I am sure there are lots of ideas many of you reading this think we should do, or places we need to see. Please post them up we are open to ideas. (nothing mean please)
We have 8 days to do and see (fish) as much as we can, I have been counting down the days since I bought the tickets for the flights and rented the RV in February totally stoked!!! Very excited!!